Surf camp gran canaria surf shopThe Surf Camp Team unites experience and knowledge of the means to ensure the possibility to enjoy the waves are continually entering. We ensure a fun atmosphere in our surf camp. Seven members of our surf school compete in international competitions, making sure to teach the high quality surf on our surf camp. All of surf camp instructors are trained and licensed as surf instructors. In addition, s we are among the few surf camp recognized by the Spanish Federation of Surf.

Surf camp for surfers of all levels

Not only beginners will feel comfortable in our surf camp, also the intermediate and advanced classes will have their level surf on our surf school. Improve your surfing and acquire knowledge in order to surf the wave correctly, either a surfboard or bodyboard. Our surf camp guaranteed to learn to stand up in a wave and catch waves, all beginner surfers. At intermediate surfers, learn to ride a wave with a wall and even make the first turns.

In each surf camp and surf school packages are suitable for advanced surfers, and that having qualified teachers and professional surf school adapts to the level of each surfer. If you are an advanced surfer, surf camp in our perfect your spins and all sorts of maneuvers. Our surf school will teach the phases of each to ensure the use of your surf lessons.Surf camp gran canaria surf shop

Concept of quality of information

In our surf camp in order to ensure a complete utilization of your surf lessons have an elaborate training concept.

In the surf camp, surf school forms groups of 8 students with a teacher and an assistant surf surf camp. Getting so we can offer small groups of 1 to 4 and to impart even more surf lessons specific to each surfer. This type of surf lessons are what we do in all our surf camp and surf schools in France, unlike other destinations where the surf camp surf schools offer groups of 6 or 8 people per instructor.

At our surf school teach you not only want you to take wave or you stand on the table, but also to feel the waves and the surf camp understand-WaveXperience-even knowing its origins. Which will mean a complete surf teaching and philosophy.